This is an evolving list of free or low-cost tools for web-based storytelling.  I hope it will be useful to documentarians, digital historians, and fellow travelers.  Below, I’ve also listed some other resources and personal favorite digital storytelling projects.  If you know of some tool or resource that should be on the list, feel free to leave a comment.


Cowbird : Tell short stories with a photo, an audio clip, and text.  Your story is connected to those of other users.

Curatescape : [still in development] Build a smartphone app for geo-located text, images, videos, and sounds.

Dipity : Make a scrollable timeline with images and text.

Issuu : Publish print material to the web in a magazine-like, linkable format.

Korsakow : Create interactive, non-linear video narratives.

Omeka : Build a digital exhibit or an online archive.  Ideal for museums, libraries, and scholars who wish to share and interpret collections.

SCVNGR : Map out place-based scavenger hunts for smartphone users incorporating photos and text.

Soundslides: Pair audio narratives with photo slideshows.

Twine : Write and design a choose-your-own-adventure story for the web.

Zeega : Build an interactive story using content from around the web.

Web Resources

Prelinger Archives : Public domain, archival footage that one may download and edit into one’s own work.

Freesound : A database of free sound effects.

Knight Digital Media Center at UC Berkeley : Excellent tutorials and videos on all sorts of digital media topics. Geared toward journalists.

Transom : All about producing audio narratives.

Some Personal Favorite Projects

American Icons [Studio 360 podcast series on American culture and history]

Asbestos, PQ: A Graphic Novel [history dissertation reinterpreted in comic book form]

Bear 71 [story of wildlife tracking in the Banff National Park]

Ceci N’est Pas Embres [example of a Korsakow project, all about one Montreal family's six months in a French village]

Hollow: An Interactive Documentary [community-based project about a coal mine county in West Virginia]

Remember These Days [short documentary on one of New York City's last seltzer men]

Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek [New York Times long-form multimedia journalism]

Welcome to Pine Point [interactive story of a vanished logging town]

The Whale Hunt [experience of an Inupiat whale hunt, documented with one photograph per minute]

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