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Good Times & a Bucket of Slugs: July 4 in Small-Town Alaska

Golf Cart on Parade

“Give me your tired, your poor, your hallibut masses…”

Having lived for years in Philadelphia — a city that makes the most of its powdered wig-era history — I associate the Fourth of July with vast crowds contained by police barricades and televised spectacles involving pop stars and politicians.

As you might imagine, Tenakee Springs celebrates Independence Day a bit differently.  Here the Fourth is a DIY community fun-fest.  People look forward to it for weeks, and many residents pitch in to help make it an enjoyable holiday for all.  Of course, fireworks, burgers, and American flags feature prominently.  But there is also grilled halibut fresh from the ocean.  A slug-slinging contest.  And the Alaskan weather is just chilly enough to demand a coat and hat.  Continue reading

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